Community Living - Student Conduct Scam

Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations, the Office of Student Conduct, and the Boulder Municipal Court have been made aware of an email scam in which emails purporting to come from the Boulder Municipal Court are informing CU Boulder students that their student conduct or court requirements have not been accepted. Specifically, the email references students who have been sanctioned to complete the Community Living course and have not satisfactorily completed this requirement. The email informs recipients that they must appear in court to pay an outstanding balance, often of several thousand dollars, in order to move forward and “seal their MIP”. A copy of the email is below.

If you receive an email claiming to come from the Boulder Municipal Court and are unsure of the validity of the email, please contact the Boulder Municipal Court at 303-441-1842. Additional information can be obtained at:

If you have been sanctioned through the CU Student Conduct process or CU Restorative Justice Program and have further questions regarding this matter, please contact the CU Office of Student Conduct at 303.492.5550 or email


From: City of Boulder Municipal Court
Date: April 1, 2015 at 2:11:05 PM MDT
To: First.Last

Dear [Student Name],
We regret to inform you that your CURJ requirements have not been accepted. We received some of the required materials, but you failed to complete the Community Living course, so we cannot move forward and seal your MIP. You will need to appear in court or pay the outstanding balance of $2,364. Your court date is July 3, 2015. If you do not appear in court your fine will increase.
If you have any questions regarding your case, please contact our main office during normal office hours.

Boulder Municipal Court
1777 6th Street
Boulder, CO 80302