Events and Programs

Move-in Orientation

In 2011, FourStar Realty and Off-Campus Housing produced a comprehensive move-in orientation for student renters living on the Hill and in Goss Grove. According to FourStar's lease, students can only collect their keys after at least one roommate has completed the orientation seminar.

The program is designed to educate new Boulder residents on their tenant and community responsibilities. Orientation begins with a presentation from Off-Campus Housing covering the following city topics: noise and firework violations, nuisance parties, alcohol violations, littering, and trash and snow removal. Students are encouraged to get to know their neighbors and to treat their new community with respect.

The second part of orientation is facilitated by a Hill neighbor who discusses both the positive and negative qualities of a diverse community. The goal is to offer students a personal point of view and to help them make a connection to their new neighborhood. Students are reminded that the community "is in it together", and that these laws don't just apply to students, but to everyone in Boulder.

Party Registration

"After experiencing both a registered and non-registered party, I will be registering all of my parties in the future. I think this is a great service and had a great experience with everyone in your office. Thank you." -Previous Party Registration Participant

Party Registration was designed to help educate students about the violations that may follow out-of-control parties and how to avoid those negative consequences. The program offers students the opportunity to be pro-active and take a step towards social responsibility before a problem occurs.

Students are encouraged to register their Friday or Saturday night parties with our office. We ask the students to provide our office with two phone numbers and the party address. To guarantee registration, students must register with our office by noon on Friday so that the information can be provided to Boulder Police Dispatch. 

If a noise complaint is made on their registered party, dispatch will give the student a warning call telling them they have 20 minutes to shut the party down. If a second complaint is made, there will be NO warning, and the students will be subject to the patrolling officers.

For more information about the process please contact our office at 303-492-7053.

     Fall 2014 Party Registration Infographic