Free Legal Advice

If you have been affected by the flood, you should register with FEMA. The last day to file a claim is November 14th. Students with specific legal concerns regarding the flood should schedule an appointment with the Off-Campus Housing Legal Advisor or Student Legal Services.

If you would like documentation for the completion of repairs and mold remediation, a sample request form is available at the bottom of the page. Please download the document entitled Repair & Mold Remediation Completion Request. The document also addresses rent abatement.

On Sept. 26th, Boulder Community Mediation Services hosted a Q&A session for local landlords and tenants. Landlord-tenant attorneys, including Off-Campus Housing’s Legal Advisor, Bruce Sarbaugh, answered flood–related questions and explained landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities. To view the session in its entirety, and for additional tips on nagivating rental issues, visit the city of Boulder’s Flood Information page.  


There is no such thing as a “standard lease”. Never sign a lease if you don’t understand a clause or have questions about your responsibilities. REMEMBER – Once you sign, it’s almost always too late to ask questions and change any of the provisions.

Get a FREE lease review from our attorney. 

Attorney Bruce Sarbaugh will tell you the good and the bad. Want to know if your landlord can actually require you do that? Think the late fees are unreasonable? Find out from a lawyer.

  • Schedule an appointment: 303-492-7053
  • Come with your student ID, a copy of your lease, and your roommates
  • Listen and Learn

Ask for legal advice on ANY rental concern.

Roommate isn't paying their share of the rent? Landlord hasn't come in to repair your stove? Don't worry, you have rights and Bruce will tell you your legal options.

*Attorney Bruce Sarbaugh provides free legal advice through Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations. Free legal advice is ONLY available for currently enrolled fee-paying CU students. If you are a CU student and need legal representation on any issue call Student Legal Services at 303-492-6813, or visit their website. Parents of currently enrolled students who wish to be part of the conversation must be accompanied by their student, as this is a learning process supported by student fees.

Security Deposit Dispute

If you disagree with the amount returned on your security deposit, you can seek the assistance of the Landlord Tenant Advisory Board (LTAB). LTAB will review your case and issue a formal opinion letter to you and your landlord. LTAB is a bi-partisan group and welcomes both the landlord and the tenant to submit their side of the case. Read more about these services!

*Note: Payment of interest on security deposits is a legal requirement for all properties in the City of Boulder. The interest rate is determined by the rate in effect at the time the security deposit money is received. The interest rate for 2013 is .25%.