Moving Information

When rental shopping:

Do your research! Where are the bus stops? What is the crime rate in your new neighborhood? Can you afford the rent, electricity, water, and cable?

  • Research bus schedules and locations, or find commuters looking to carpool.
  • Check with the Boulder Police Department for information on crime statistics.
  • Make sure you set a budget for all your expenses.
  • Read our CU Tenants Guide for information about finding housing and living off-campus.
  • Ask Off-Campus Housing's student staff about their experiences living in Boulder.

When you're ready to move in:

Make sure you take pictures of your new rental before you move anything inside. We know you want to get your security deposit back, and pictures are the best way to prove you didn't cause the damage.

Complete a check-in sheet. Your landlord should provide you with one, but if not, you can use ours.

Consider signing a roommate agreement. This is a legal contract that will help you avoid several common disputes in the future.

  • Want Cable? Contact Comcast Cable at 1-800-266-2278 or DIRECTV at 1-855-802-3473
  • Need to set up your heat and electricity? Contact Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999
  • Looking to store or ship items to your rental? Consider SMARTBOX 

For more information about renting in Boulder read Your Move-in. Your Move-in offers useful tips for first time renters and provides a variety of resources including mediation and legal services, websites for finding roommates, and furniture donation centers. Are you moving into a house off-campus? Check our our Good House Renting guide for more information specific to student renters living in a house. 

When you move out:

Ask your landlord what his/her cleaning expectations are for the rental unit. Do they want you to sweep behind the fridge? Or are they cool with a light dusting around the kitchen? Download a copy for our suggested move-out procedures and make sure you fill out your check-out sheet.

If you intend to sublet your unit, download a sublease form and considering making an appointment with our attorney, Bruce Sarbaugh, to address any legal concerns you may have.

Please consider donating and recycling your used belongings. You can also avoid costly trash fines by properly disposing your items during move out.

*Note: Payment of interest on security deposits is a legal requirement for all properties in the City of Boulder. The interest rate is determined by the rate in effect at the time the security deposit money is received. The interest rate for 2014 is .17%.