Meet the Staff

Susan Stafford: Director of Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations

I have worked in Off-Campus Housing since 1988 and have been the director since 2002. Boulder is a terrific place to live and can be very captivating; when I moved here in 1986, I thought I would only be staying for one year! I have a son who attends CU so I am a good parent resource as well as a good housing resource.

Susan Barkman: Community Outreach Coordinator

I transferred to CU for my junior year and decided not to leave. After graduating in 2007 I became the Community Outreach Specialist for Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations. My position helps educate students on living in the off-campus environment, including city of Boulder ordinances and how to avoid bad living situations. In my free time I enjoy hiking and photography.

Bruce Sarbaugh: Student Legal Advisor

I was born and raised in Boulder and know all about the Boulder neighborhoods. I also know landlord/tenant law and I’m available through OCH for legal advice on leases, roommate issues, repair issues, security deposits, and just about any other issue that can arise in a rental situation. I’m also the Chairman of the Landlord/Tenant Advisory Board (you should check that out) and work with the City of Boulder on various committees and issues regarding student rental issues. If you live off-campus in a rental unit, we need to talk.

Regina Magaril: Student Staff

Hello! My name is Regina Magaril and I am a junior double majoring in Economics and Finance. I’m bilingual in Russian and English. I am from Denver and cannot get enough of Colorado! I enjoy working out, attending concerts, relaxing with friends and doing anything else that Boulder has to offer. I am happy to help out with any housing concerns that you may have or to discuss hilarious cat videos!

Nicholas Stafford: Student Staff

Hi my name is Nick and I will be entering my sophomore year here at CU. I’m an open business major with aspirations to graduate and start my own business. I was born and raised in Boulder and have picked up some of the more common Boulderite characteristics through my youth. I love doing anything active (hiking, swimming, boarding) and have a love for the woods and wildlife. I also love listening to music of all kinds and will occasionally even throw in a dance here and there! I have a wide knowledge of the town and know my way around Boulder extremely well. I’m excited to be working for Off-Campus Housing, and assisting you in answering any of your questions or concerns.

Danielle Bergen: Student Staff

Hi my name is Danielle Bergen and I’m currently a sophomore at CU, studying Advertising with an emphasis in Sociology and a minor in Business! Originally from San Francisco, CA, I hope to one day return to California and work in advertising and public relations for a non-profit organization. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, swimming, volunteering, and exploring the outdoors, as well as spending time with close friends and family. Although I am new to the Colorado area, I’m happy to help out with any questions or concerns you may have regarding Off-Campus Housing!

Andrew Padilla: Student Staff

Hi my name is Andrew and I am a junior studying Biochemistry and Anthropology here at CU. I was born and raised here in Colorado and I hope one day to become a pediatrician. But until then, I am just trying to get through my undergrad. I look forward to working for Off-Campus Housing and helping you with any needs or concerns.